The launch of Casahito luxury home accessories is the arrival of a fresh, new aesthetic in home couture.
Semi-precious stones meet sequin and silk in this range of handcrafted home wear that is as opulent as it is breathtakingly beautiful.
Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of the offering. Casahito revives bespoke artistic techniques that date back to royal courts of the 16th century. Each piece is handmade by skilled artisans and takes weeks to embroider and complete.

Casahito looks at these techniques through the lens of contemporary design, offering a fresh perspective that is both richly glamorous and impeccably detailed.
As the team at Casahito says, “We take what we value most, cutting-edge design, high quality and precision of craftsmanship and we weave it through with threads of imagination.”
The launch collection of decorative cushions and table wear pull in inspiration from everywhere - from the fragrant jasmine and citrus-laden gardens of Morocco to the run of the wild across African savannas and the sharp geometry of Nordic ice formations. The patterns are a delightful play between classic and contemporary.
Casahito blurs the lines the between art and home décor and invites you to take a bit of covetable luxury home.

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